Help, I impulse-bought Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call this morning and I think I’ve been playing it for approximately six-seven hours.

If I am scarce, it is because I am pretending to know how to play music games. (Seriously, I’m terrible at rhythm-based anything and the only way this game has tricked me into being invested in it is because so many of these songs I know by heart.)

(Also bless the person who made the call to include Spira Unplugged and Judgment Day because 10/10 would play again, ridiculously pleasantly surprised to see these songs that aren’t super-iconic or “oh we’re putting this on the piano collection”-tier but are still fucking rad.)

(I have two main parties, Cloud/Auron/Vivi/Y’shtola for battle songs, with occasional substitutions for Firion and Shantotto, and Vaan/Zidane/Bartz/Tidus for field songs. I don’t have a party for event songs because I have not even touched that part of the game yet.)

sousuke/rin/haru/makoto y/y

(episode 12 finally sold me on rin/haru because it did a really good job of illustrating their non-competitive dynamic in a way the show hadn’t really done for me before and now i’m basically just “well fuck i ship everyone” so ot4 is happening in my heart)

(even though i know sousuke is a yandere fucker who i’m still shocked didn’t axe-murder haru earlier)

my heart gives a little leap every time lallyinthesky tags me in her snk manga liveblog posts

she understands

she gets it

thanks to Hunter x Hunter and Nabari no Ou, one of my favorite character archetypes is “terrifying nonsexualized catgirl who embodies actual cat traits” and I really don’t know how to feel about it

other than “well this explains indigo blood!nepeta in my bloodswap AU”



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Name: Allen

Nickname: Ramen

Birthday:  July 4th

Gender: M

Sexuality: Let’s say bi.

Height: 5’7”

Time Zone: EST

What time and date is it there: 11:20 PM, 9/14/14

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 8, hopefully.

OTPs: Reiner/Bertolt, Makishima/Tadokoro, Raikou/Gau, Snake/Otakon, Killua/Gon, Shinji/Kaworu, Dave/Terezi, Ymir/Krista, Endrance/Haseo, Haku/Zabuza, Yuri/Flynn

The last thing I Googled was:  FFXIV Fishing Log

My most used phrase(s): "I don’t want it."

First word that comes to mind: why

What I last said to a family member: ”Oh, thank you.”

One place that makes me happy & why: The arboretum at Swarthmore College. Lot of good memories there.

How many blankets I sleep under: One

Favourite beverage: Root beer? Also water.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy

Three things I can’t live without: Paper, pencil, the assurance that earth is not alone in the universe in supporting life

Something I plan on learning: how to function as an adult. alternatively, some form of coding.

A piece of advice for all my followers: That shit they told you as a kid about mother birds being able to smell you on their babies if you pick them up off the ground is 100% untrue. Most birds, especially songbirds, have very poor senses of smell.

You all have to listen to this song: the first 30 seconds of this idc if you listen to the parts that aren’t ominous drumming

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who do i have to bribe to find a person to talk to free about who has been keeping up with season 2 and isn’t a rinharu shipper


Laughs nervously.
This is as finished as this ugly heap of failure is going to get.

I tried to do Free fanart and this is what you get because I have the patience of a hungry dog.


Laughs nervously.

This is as finished as this ugly heap of failure is going to get.

I tried to do Free fanart and this is what you get because I have the patience of a hungry dog.

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I’m having one of those moments where I’m feeling very strongly about Reiner and Bertolt, and I want to make an intelligent post talking about topics pertaining to moral complexity in Attack on Titan and how slowly but surely the whole cast is becoming murderers of humans, not to the degree that they have been, but in ways that are vastly more intimate and personal. But I’m also in one of those places where I just want to lie down and incoherently moan about them without having to do my fandom intellectual bit, which isn’t wholly appropriate for my blog.

Like, here’s the thing. What’s the difference between a boy who stabs two kidnappers to death, having planned the killings in advance to rescue another child, and who justifies their deaths by saying they were less than human, a soldier who has never killed before shooting another soldier in the heat of the moment to save the life of a comrade, an infiltrator becoming a monster and personally killing dozens of soldiers with her bare hands as part of her mission, and two children being used to destroy the means that protects thousands of people, bringing about their deaths indirectly but at least partially knowingly on behalf of someone giving the orders?

Isn’t that one of the big questions? It’s tempting to say that the one who is responsible for the most human deaths is the worst, or the one responsible for the most innocent deaths, or the one who killed most personally. It’s tempting to say the one who is the worst is the one who is on the “evil” side in the narrative as constructed thus far. But how do you weigh these against each other? They are all killing human beings, but in wildly different circumstances. Some were done out of justice, or a need to survive. Some were done on orders. Some regretted their actions immensely. Others believed they were the right thing to do. All of their hands are stained with blood. The question is whether we want to morally rank these characters based on the factors presented or not. Is that really the point?

Who do you think actually wants to kill people, indeed.


Amaru expressions. Traumatized idiot baby.

I need to finish more stuff. For now, RP characters.


Amaru expressions. Traumatized idiot baby.

I need to finish more stuff. For now, RP characters.

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kulshedra said: Raiden, Yuri, Reiner.

Aw! I’m a little surprised but not unhappy about Yuri. He my bb.

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Boy, it sure is great that new chapters of SNK come out on the ninth of the month and are translated from the language the comic is actually written in into English on the same day.

I love being in a fandom where nobody relies on early, badly telephone-translated Chinese scanlations three days before the actual publishers of the series make the new chapter available, translated accurately, for free online.

And I love that there isn’t ever a furore of outrage and hype before these chapters actually come out that precedes my even being able to read the chapter! 

Gosh, I really love that there are separate spoiler tags for new chapters and “spoilers for people who haven’t read the manga”, too. Because while I would never want to see the former, I want to see the later! Most of the latter is what I care about most in this fandom!


Sailor Moon
Otakon 2014


Sailor Punks
Moon - Erin/ Mercury / Mars /Jupiter
Uranus / Neptune / Saturn Chibi Moon - Emily
Tuxedo Mask - Evan

Nega Jocks

Jadeite / Nephrite / Zoicite / Kunzite - David

Oh gosh. Oh gosh, this group.

There was a Sharks vs. Jets snap-off.
A mass chanting of “SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS.”
A tug-of-war over Tuxedo Mask.

And my gosh the amount of details these people put into their stuff and I could have just shot this group all con and would have been happy. ^_^

So, uh. I was the Zoicite in this group! pengiesama was Nephrite! Or should I say… Broicite and Schmitty? Ahahaha- but seriously, this cosplay group was amazing and I am ridiculously thankful I got to participate in it.